Web Designer.

Nauty Coder.

Pure Developer.



    I'm a web and mobile UI / UX designer and product developer. heavily involved in strategy and concepts. I am fascinated by my work. And now, I start a company named "Netdea" in changsha. A full - service , creatively driven internet agency and a vivid innovation design consultancy. That's what I dream all the time.

    亲爱的,你用我不懂的 语言的面纱 遮盖着你的容颜 正像那遥望如同一脉 飘渺的云霞 被水雾笼罩着的峰峦.

    Dear, You blot out your face with the veil of languages, Which I can't understand. As far as the hill envelop his peak with beautiful mist.